Sunday, 31 May 2009

Busy time.

I haven't posted this week as I've been rather busy.

My youngest daughter, Phoebe, and I went up to London for a few days to visit my son and his wife. Phoebe did a bit of clothes shopping and I did some bead shopping (you can tell I've got my priorities right). We did a few other touristy things too. We visited the Sir John Soanes Museum. He was a very distinguished architect born in 1753 but also a collector of all sorts of art and antiquites. It's a fascinating house, some rooms are just ordinary but very lovely living rooms but others are a private museum. It is well worth a visit.

We also went to the London Glassblowing Centre and watched as some water jugs were made. Again it is a trip worth making as you can just sit in the workshop for as long as you want and watch the glassblowers doing their magic.

Since we got home I have had to tidy the workshop, a necessary evil as I had two students for a beadmaking lesson yesterday.

Now I'm looking forward to a week of beadmaking, and no doubt a bit of jewellery making.

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  1. Beautiful stuff, very talented. I've tagged you over on my blog..check it out.