Friday, 12 June 2009


White Sands. Now in my ETSY shop.

I expect most people reading this blog have heard of Etsy but just in case there is anyone who hasn't I thought I'd do a bit of promotion for it.

Etsy is a brilliant site set up in the USA. Anyone can open an Etsy shop to sell their own handmade goods or commercial craft supplies. For someone like me it opens up a huge market that I could never reach through my own website alone and it does this for a very reasonable listing fee and commission on sales. There are all sorts of items available to buy and a lot of it is of a very high standard. So if you want something different for a birthday present then why not take a look there instead of in the usual high street shops. Or if you are into sewing or other crafts you might find some different fabric or supplies.

I recently bought my daughter in law a beautiful bag from this shop, Red Ruby Rose. I met the maker at a fair locally and had a long chat with her. Her mother had bought her one of my pendants at last years Somerset Arts Week event. I had a look at her Etsy shop when I got home and thought her designs were really lovely.

I've been putting most of my beads in my Etsy shop recently and I have had a number of sales from the USA. I may move all my bead sales there in the future.

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