Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I've been working hard at updating my Etsy shop regularly but seem to have completely neglected my Blog. I must try harder.

Anyway there are lots of beads up for sale at the moment and,  I'm pleased to say, lots already sold. I have decided that the online bead sales should be the main focus of my business with the jewellery continuing but taking more of a back seat. So watch out for lots of new designs and styles.

On a slightly less positive note, I have had to review my free postage and packaging policy. Unfortunately I am no longer able to sustain this. I have kept the charges to a minimum, for the UK that is £1.50 however much you order. 90p of that is the cost of posting ( as long as it is only one or two sets) and the rest covers the cost of the box, tissue paper labels etc. Bigger orders are sent by Special Delivery at no additional cost. I hope you don't let it put you off ordering. I will be offering 'Free Shipping' voucher codes from time to time so if you haven't already signed up to my mailing list then please do to make sure you hear about these offers in good time.

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  1. Good choice on charging for shipping. I found that it did not affect sales one iota to charge and it allowed me to make sure that my beads arrived in perfect condition and prettily packaged. I don't know what it's like in the UK but here in the US the postal system has recently undergone a downsizing. In a month's time two customers complained that their beads arrived damaged and charging for shipping allows me to go extra on the packaging so everything arrives in one piece. Here, customers expect to pay a little bit for shipping and I think it improves customer service. Your beads are beautiful and I think people will still be lining up for them!